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Becoming a Reseller !

Are you looking to expand your business?, or you have decision to start a new business?. With DUTCHIPTV you can be one of hundreds of our Resellers. You can get into the iptv business world by buying a reseller panel, DUTCHIPTV Provides 4k/8K & High Quality Collection of Channels & VOD (Over 149.000 Channels & VOD), you can have satisfied customers in addition to expanding your revenue.

How does it  

1- At first you should get a panel from DUTCHIPTV to manage your credits and users accounts.
You should have your venue or platform to sell service (For example a website) and the mentioned panel is just for managing account, credits, and connection between you and DUTCHIPTV.

2- Then you should buy Credits from DUTCHIPTV.

3- After you received an order from your customer you should refer to your panel and create a subscription for your customer as he/she wish.

“For example: if you have 10 credits in your panel and you have sold a 1 month IPTV Subscription for 29€. You generate a 1 month subscription in your panel and 0,1 credit will be deduct and remaining credits is 9,9 Credits in your panel.”

1 Month = 0,1 Credits

3 Month = 0,25 Credits

6 Month = 0,5 Credits

12 Month = 1 Credits

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